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One Day More

Another Day, Another Destiny

This journal is a combination of personal posts (friends only) and reviews I may write about local/Broadway shows, films and novels among other things. I also write fanfiction for various fandoms (House MD, Harry Potter, Sherlock, X-Men, etc.)

Literature is my passion. I am particularly attached to authors from the 18th and 19th centuries such as Jane Austen and Victor Hugo, although 20th century authors such as Ray Bradbury, Virgina Woolf and JK Rowling are phenomenal as well. All of these authors have inspired me to write and encompass myself in the passionate power of words and literature. I certainly hope that someday I will able to inspire others - as these authors have inspired me - with any writing I may do.

My main fandoms are: Harry Potter, Les Miserables, musicals in general, any Pixar films, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Sherlock.

Friending: I've only recently noticed a few people have added me as friends, and I feel awfully flattered for it. If you like my ramblings, analyses or fanfic, feel free to add me. If I feel we have something in common, or I enjoy your entries, I'll add you back. But for the most part, I think this whole "friending" people thing is something that I'm not going to be particularly worried about.

For new friends, here's a friends-only journal entry that gives a sketch of me: http://smartamy15.livejournal.com/91853.html?mode=reply